Yes It Hurts…

When you want to smile but unable to stop crying….

When you want to forget your pasts but unable to remove all the memories from past…

When you want to feed your soul but your body wants rest…..

When you want to keep on moving forward but something pulls you back …

When you want to love more and more but your heart needs to stop…

Finally, when you want to sleep but your mother stops you from that… Haha!!

Yes it πŸ’”hurts….


I have not seen the most beautiful person yet because the presence of “my Mom” inside my heart… I never tried at all and I hope I will not even try to see the beautiful person without her…

I distinguished a spiritual beauty attracts me towards “my mom” . I couldn’t ignored that… Because that was full of kindness towards my happiness…

I noticed that there was a sweet smell crossing my path… That was my mom’s body fragrance… The most requiring property to heal my soul…

I realized a smooth voice was trying to control my depression.. That was not other than my mom’s advice…

She is sweet, she is most beautiful, she is kind, she is the woman who always smiles, she is the only soft hearted…. for me




Thanks…. 😊

The Sunshine blogger award.

Hey everyone! I hope all are doing well in this corona pandemic… Don’t worry we are all together .😊

I am very glad that I was recently nominated for the “Sunshine Blogger Award” by Anjana from-

So, the Sunshine Blogger Award is given by bloggers to bloggers who inspire positiviti and creativity in the blogging community.

I am very thankful to Anjana for this nomination. Her blog brings me a kind of happiness and so much inspiration towards creativity. Please check her all the posts.and I am sure you will like it.

Here are the rules for sunshine blogger award:

Here are the some questions of Anjana for me;

1.What is the best advice you have for someone starting a blog? I have started this blog since 27 June 2020 in this lockdown time haha! In my opinion one should take time and make observations on the subjects he/she interested and should create blog with all the efforts to make it better.

2.What is the greatest risk you have taken? Well, I think life is full of risks. I think living as a human is the greatest risk for meπŸ˜€

3.What is the book, movie/quote that has changed your life? I have not read so many books yet… But the book- “SECRET” and the quote -“everything that you see around yourself is the reflection of who you are “changed my life so much…

4.If a day had 25 hours in it, what would you like to do in this 1hour? I will like to read some novels and sing songs. 😊

5.Give us three random facts about yourself- I like travelling, love singing, and I like to spend alone time as I am an introvertπŸ˜€.

6.If you could be an author of a published book which book author would it be? I imagine if that could be happened so, I would like to be the author of the famous life changing book-“Secret “😊

7.Which is your favorite cartoon character? Well, the answer is “Ninja Hathodi” 😍

8.What is the main message you hope your blog conveys to it’s readers? Something that is inspirational and the message to create happiness of own. 😊

9.Who would you most like to interview for blog post and why? I would like to interview my inspiration-“Jay Shetty” Because he is one of the most powerful person to change the world with his positive representation. ☺

10.What do you see as the most meaningful achievement of your life? Well I am now 18 years old. I haven’t live a full life yet. πŸ˜€So, I hope the most meaningful achievement of my life will be a happiest person by serving others…..

11.What was your reaction to being nominated for the “Sunshine blogger award“? I never expected that I will be nominated for ” Sunshine blogger award “in this very small time And I was so much excited… for this😍…

So, here are the blogger nominated by me😊😍….

So, Here are some questions for the nominated blogger ☺….

1.Who is your inspiration? 2.If you have a chance for travelling which place will you prefer? 3.Which is the best movie you have ever seen? 4.What is your bad habit that you will like to change yourself? 5.Who is the best person in your life? And why? 6.What is your favourite song? 7.With whome you will like to spend your time most? 8.If you would have a chance to write a book which book will you prefer? 9.Which is best for you “winning or failure” And why? 10.What do you like-to spend alone time or with friends? 11.What are the efforts required to become a good blogger?

Thank you again Anjana, for giving me the chance to get “Sunshine blogger award”❀

And I will say thanks also to the nominated bloggers…. 😊❀

The desire to be a “Monk”

The desire to become a monk is one of the most beautiful things ever… Here is the way….

“Never destroy your inner peace concerning about others”

All the possibilities of becoming a monk start with a single thing that is-“Self believe “/” Self love”

The abilities to put down all the fears, hatreds, Jealousies from life. Giving up all the desires of own and live a life for other’s services. Learning to live a life without interfering in any other’s happiness. Admitting that there are countless possibilities of being happy in this universe. Absorbing all the peace from nature without hesitation. Listening own internal voice as a best listener ever. Meditating the sounds of peace for some seconds or some minutes or some hours that become the best medicine to change a unconscious life. Experiencing countless life lessons without fear. Balancing both heart and mind in a same way. Living in the present moment. Explaining self care to own. Revealing all the toxicity out from life. Forgiving all the mistakes. Surrounding by good/best things.

After all connecting all the dots from first to last to reach out God’s presence.

“Connect all the dots which are connected from you to God”

Let’s start giving the hopes to others even if there is no hope for us…


Like attracts like..

One of the simple statements from the “Laws of attraction”.Life is getting too much harder day by day.. We are only thinking” Why? “.. Everyone has the same situation ” What can we do about it ? “

But the truth is… We will get what we think in our mind.. Our life is a mirror which is the reflection of our dominant thoughts.. All times memorising those thoughts will make them happen. If we think about those things we don’t want to happen in our life, then those will happen to us definitely. So, If we think good , the best things will happen to us.. But, if we think bad.. The bad things will happen..

To live a better life, we have to think our best even in our worst time… Think better ,live better..


The Time Of Healing…

We are all becoming bored during this COVID-19.. We are all livin in our place like home quarantine haha! But one thing I will like to tell..

This quarantine is the “Time of healing” for all of us those have already injured mentally, Imotionally etc.. We can heal ourselves as much as we like. The thing is “The more we will forgive ourselves the more we can know the power of forgiveness” . We have to understand it from our inner voice. The more we become true to ourselves the more will the world to us..

God has given such a time to heal us.. Let’s start refreshing our soul in such a positive way and make ourselves feel better than yesterday… and try to love ourselves..


My dream..

It’s all about my dream haha!

A journey from becoming a girl to now where I am.. Not too big btw haha! Just in 18 years I have a lot of hardships, happy moments.. even some responsibilities of keeping happy others.. No, these are not my problems…. These are my struggles and all of these are my choices.

Because” my dream “is to achieve all the things those require to make me a better person than I was.. Because I know myself better than others. There is no regration since I am a dreamer.. Haha! I usually think I have lost in my way.. But no, my mind, my body, my soul all are with me and try hard to show me those things which I can’t see with my eyes only..

My dream is to only forgive, to become more stronger when I lose myself in the darkness, to be happy in any way.. Not too big .. Yeah!


You know…

You are the only one person, whome I was searching for..

I told you “after my family you are most important for me”.

I was too attached with our small talks…

You are enough for me..

You always told me “You love me”.

But why after sometimes..

I became invaluable for you..

Then when I asked you “Do you love me? “

You told me…

“No we can be good friends now. “

That hurted me so much….


A rape…

Note:The paragraphs have no Intatantion to hurt someone. It’s just a story. So, don’t take it personally..

An 8 years girl Sneha, had no idea about what was”comment ” Or something like “attraction” . Usually her days ended up with playing, studying etc. On an worst day she got raped by a group of 4-5 men and boys at the time of her going to school. Blood came out from different parts of her body. She had no idea about anything that had happened with her.

Now the question is..

Whether she will survive or not..

Situation no. 1; If she will die:No one can give a daughter like her to her parents.

Situation no. 2; If she will survive:Not at all but some of our society can’t accept her survival.

Was this her fault? Or the fault of our mentality? Or the fault of some people?

Now the question is for everyone…



Such a little word you know! but describes the most beautiful stories, beautiful expressions, and the best things of our life. But we can only feel it.

A word can’t easily describe. A feel which can’t easily show. The only paragraph describes how the beautiful feelings you have, the great affection you have to the another person or thing. Your inner soul will tell you that-you are in “LOVE”.It will take you to that level which you haven’t imagined before….

“Love is God whether with a person or a thing”