A rape…

Note:The paragraphs have no Intatantion to hurt someone. It’s just a story. So, don’t take it personally..

An 8 years girl Sneha, had no idea about what was”comment ” Or something like “attraction” . Usually her days ended up with playing, studying etc. On an worst day she got raped by a group of 4-5 men and boys at the time of her going to school. Blood came out from different parts of her body. She had no idea about anything that had happened with her.

Now the question is..

Whether she will survive or not..

Situation no. 1; If she will die:No one can give a daughter like her to her parents.

Situation no. 2; If she will survive:Not at all but some of our society can’t accept her survival.

Was this her fault? Or the fault of our mentality? Or the fault of some people?

Now the question is for everyone…


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