The desire to be a “Monk”

The desire to become a monk is one of the most beautiful things ever… Here is the way….

“Never destroy your inner peace concerning about others”

All the possibilities of becoming a monk start with a single thing that is-“Self believe “/” Self love”

The abilities to put down all the fears, hatreds, Jealousies from life. Giving up all the desires of own and live a life for other’s services. Learning to live a life without interfering in any other’s happiness. Admitting that there are countless possibilities of being happy in this universe. Absorbing all the peace from nature without hesitation. Listening own internal voice as a best listener ever. Meditating the sounds of peace for some seconds or some minutes or some hours that become the best medicine to change a unconscious life. Experiencing countless life lessons without fear. Balancing both heart and mind in a same way. Living in the present moment. Explaining self care to own. Revealing all the toxicity out from life. Forgiving all the mistakes. Surrounding by good/best things.

After all connecting all the dots from first to last to reach out God’s presence.

“Connect all the dots which are connected from you to God”

Let’s start giving the hopes to others even if there is no hope for us…


11 thoughts on “The desire to be a “Monk”

  1. Hey Arpita. Sorry to bother you but can you let me know if there’s a problem in following my blog? Since many people recently unfollowed me and then added me back. I noticed you had to do the same. Please do let me know if there’s any issue.

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      1. Sorry Maseera😔 I am so sad that happened. Really I am explaining u that I was nominated for sunshine blogger award so… I was nominating you for that and I was clicked on your website for copylink and but may be there was some network issues so I clicked on the following button and I unfollowed you and after realize that I checked on your profile and I saw I have unfollowed you and again I clicked follow…. I am so upset with this… Sorry again… And really I had no intention about this! 😔😢


      2. Oh no no. Please don’t apologize! I don’t feel bad at all. It’s just this has happened twice or thrice recently and I thought there is some trouble with my blog (you know technical issues) and I wasn’t able to understand what exactly which is why I asked.

        Also, congratulations on receiving the award Arpita!! Your blog is blooming❤❤❤ and I’m so excited to see where this journey us going to lead you! And it’s fine about the nomination at all, I actually have an award-free blog, I hope you understand 🙏🏻.

        Thank you so much for being so understanding! Kudos to you 😊😊😊. I’m waiting to read your wonderful answers to all the questions and to get to know better about you! Have a nice day Arpita and thanks once again ❤❤🎉🎉✨🙏🏻.

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