As an introvert…


“I like to recharge myself. Please give me some time. ” The thought of all the introverts have. I am also an introvert, an antisocial, kinda shy person. I think socializing is not too easy for me. “Love to sleep, make some hobbies for my happiness”. These sounds too cute for me and I am okay with it..

No, I don’t think all the introverts are as same as me … Some are good in socializing, some are good in celebrating their life… But oops! I get tired with these..

My problems;

1.Overthinking:My parents usually tell me -Don’t think too much, you will get nothing. ” Haha! I just listen and ask myself “Is everything okay? “

2.Kinda loner:I try to find happiness without anyone… No I am not that much strong but I try..

Like:”Observing people lonely as a cloud….. Makes me different from loud…… “


3.Antisocial:Not many times but some times… I can try, I can work but not in front of too much people… I requires some times for me to socializing.

Sometimes I try to comfort myself, but it becomes an overacting… Lol! I don’t think I am boring. If you will understand me I will become too easy for you… If you will not then don’t try.. Haha! So.. I don’t think I have to afraid of being an introvert.


And what about you 😇?

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Being the best version..

It’s not too easy. It’s a slow and steady progress. It requires eliminating the worst memories and and using the most useful memories in a perfect way. Like it’s an evolution from a man to being a human in society.


1.Firstly you have to understand-“WHO YOU ARE”

2.Keep yourself happy.

3.Maximize your personal growth.

4.Move away from where you are.

5.Get the toxicity out of your life.

6.Set some small , measurable goals.

7.Follow your passion.

8.Make good hobbies.

9.Stay positive about your life.

10.And lastly you have to think -you are completely unique.

In this crowd we have to make ourselves the best version. Not the perfect version.. So I think positive thoughts can solve too much problems….

Thank you….